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Cylinder Resleeving
We can resleeve just about any 2 or 4 cycle cylinder. Snowmobile, motor cycle, watercraft, marine,
ATV, lawn and garden, and chain saw cylinders. We have over 38 years of experience!

Piston Seizures Explained       Piston Diagostic Guide

Don't throw out those costly cylinders because they can't be bored out any more or the plated liner has been damaged, scored, or the skirt is broken. These cylinders can be sleeved for half the price of a new cylinder or having the cylinder rechromed.

We make all our own sleeves to insure top quality control. Our sleeves have the correct castings of nickel, millebium, silicone, chrome and other ingredients that are needed to provide special wear, excellent ring seal, good heat transfer, and are just porous enough to hold vital lubricating oil to increase performance along with significantly increasing piston and ring life.
Once the cylinder is resleeved, we can bore the cylinder back to stock or oversize piston specifications. Once the cylinder has been resleeved and bored to piston specifications, we blend and chamfer all ports, hone the cylinder to exact size, and inspect. We also bead blast every cylinder to restore proper cooling, and to give the cylinder that brand new look.

We can build special sleeves for proto-type, racing, big bore and stroked engines. Contact Midway Machine and ask for details.

We take great pride in every resleeve job we do! Our  work is warranted! We strive for fast and prompt turn around.